Clearing means the transformation and freeing of damaging foreign energies and is being applied to animals, humans, buildings and chattels.

Foreign energies, these are burdens and influences that derive from earth bound deceased (bodyless) from spirits of lower conscience, demonic powers, voodoo, black magic, curse, spells and ‘implants’. These conditions are also classified as “spiritual possessions”.

People who are schizophrenic and hear voices suffer from such kind of possessions, as are alcoholics and drug addicts. If deceased people are present, a feeling of cold and being haunted could be experienced.

Such strains draw energy, cause therapy resistance and take a destructive influence on health, relations, finances, career and self fulfilment.

The clearing or exorcism can be executed either by one to one sessions or through a photo from a distance. The foreign energies will be transformed through high frequency energy.

Earth bound deceased will recognise their path into the light and be accompanied by helpers.

I clear and transform with the help of high frequency divine energy and always to the highest wellbeing of the client.

A photo analysis is the first step before a clearing takes place, in order to provide an understanding about the existing problem and situation. The outcome of the analysis also dictates the price of the clearing.

Please write to me and request more information about photographic analysis.