Holistic Therapies

These include spiritual treatments, which have an effect on your body, soul and spirituality. This therapy is conducted without devices or medication, and is based completely on pure and powerful light vibrations. This can be achieved ‘hands-on’, without touching or remotely in which I work on your aura with the help of a photo.

It is the power and purity of the transferred energies that are the main pre-conditions so that both body and soul may be healed. What heals is apparently a miracle-working synergy of your own spirit and consciousness together with a superior high frequency energy which I channel to you as your therapist. If then a strong trust and belief in healthy recovery is added, nothing will stand in the way for you to overcome your ailments.

The healing of the spirit isn’t a repair of the body, but a request to change your own life - in thinking and behaviour. “You can’t really tell, what happens when. Some symptoms get worse or change. The illness is a message and the healing itself a process of inner confrontation. We are merely there to open the door.”

Spiritual therapies can be remotely executed and work with equal efficiency. It is equally appropriate for both physical and psychological problems.


Spine therapy (vertebral column justification)

This is a special form of mental treatment. This is also possible on a remote basis without losing any efficiency. Back therapy has not only a relaxing effect on the whole back, but also leads to a discernible erection of the whole body with positive effects on the torso and the inner organs.

This method is best described in which contact is made mentally between the back and the spine and then without touching to stretch and relax them until they return to their normal positions. Muscular tensions and cramp, caused by depressing life circumstances, will release spontaneously. This method has proved to be efficient even in the case of chronic pains. Really helpful for sportsmen and women, too.

As this is essentially mental treatment of the spine, there is not risk of damages or injuries to the spine. Long lasting amendments and corrections of misalignments and differences in the lengths of the legs will only occur, if clients consciously work on their way of life and give up tensions in their thinking and behaviour. I will happily tell you how to achieve that.


Mental healing and spiritual operations

This is a form of treatment, that applies to all manners of bodily and psychological ailments in which a connection between client and “essence” (divine source) is built up during the treatment. Because of this the soul feels connected with this source and the body will be reached by impulses which will start of the self-healing process. This is also possible as remote treatment.

The efficiency of this work is enormous: After only two healing sessions, one of my tumour patients didn’t show any diagnosed metastases anymore. They were all gone! And the patient was as overjoyed as an elderly client of mine, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer and other major ailments. After only three sessions, he was completely freed of any symptoms. He doesn’t think about undergoing any operations any more.

Please don’t take this as a promise to be healed. To give this promise would not only be unserious, but also against all rules. It really depends, if each person would like to become healthy again and how far the illness has progressed. As we know, as matter (body) follows the spirit there is always a justified hope for getting better and healing. Obviously, faith can move mountains.


Reiki and ‘Lichtgrad’ initiations

Initiations into Reiki and into highly frequented levels (Lichtgrad)are still the most simple and fastest methods to increase your own spiritual vibrations enormously, generate a stable connection to your spiritual helpers and to gain protection from dark energies.

Reiki is a neutral cosmic energy which equally generates relaxation, self healing and self awareness in the giving and receiving person.


Mental realignment

Together we will reveal self-sabotising negative thought patterns and behaviour and will “delete” them from the disc. You will discover and exercise how to knowingly, confidently and goal-directed change your thinking patterns and use them for your wellbeing. You will shape using your own ability an anxiety-free, fulfilled life without hurting other people. It is a simple Four-step-program.


Energetic accompaniment

Including clearing of disturbing or destructive energies experienced before and during exams, court proceedings, lawyers appointments, medical examinations, operations, flight anxiety and phobias as well as uncomfortable and worrying events. I would need a photo or handwritten signature as well as date of appointments and locations. Please ask for a quote.