Feng Shui


Feng Shui means “Wind and water” and is a traditional Chinese method, which enables private or commercial buildings to benefit from more positive energy.

All eight aspects of life – health/family, wealth, partnership, fame, children/projects, support/friends, career, knowledge/wisdom - are influenced by our surrounding energies, which can be either constructively positive or even destructively negative. Correct FengShui-measurements encourage the flow of blocked energy, destroy negative and create a harmonic energy level in all aspects. Positive situations will be stabilised, less ones will be dissolved.

Feng Shui is also applied in commercial marketing and internet and encourages the awareness and success of company logos and advertisement. Feng Shui is always a sensible investment, which pays out and mostly only requires minimal changes to a room or building.

Good Feng Shui supports your health, harmonises family life and partnership, helps the development of your children, influences your career positively and increases your wealth.

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Book tip: “Feng Shui Grundregeln”, “Feng Shui fuer den beruflichen Erfolg”