Curriculum Vitae


Spirituality in my childhood and youth was no subject for me. My life was quite normal until I discovered a fascination for holistic therapy which became my vocation.

My intuition and interest has since been continually refined and strengthened. In the 1990’s I became a self-employed practitioner in holistic therapies and spiritual clearing. Since then I have worked with both physically and mentally ill people as well as those who are spiritually possessed.

I have written two books on ‘foreign energy’ and their treatments as well as two Feng Shui guides; followed by collaborations with doctors and clinics – albeit rather hesitantly.

For several years now I have been organising seminars in which I teach people wishing to practice Reiki, spiritual clearing and other spiritual therapies.

I am a believer but am a member of neither any specific church nor religious sect.


Reiki grandmaster/teacher, including Karuna and Shamballa Reiki

Systematic family therapy following Bert Hellinger’s methods

Psycho-spiritual Kinesiology

Corrective energy, mental spinal posturing, Dorn therapy methods

Certified Feng Shui adviser (also for commercial and marketing purposes)

But, I am still learning ...


My titles on Amazon: "Feng Shui Grundregeln", "Feng Shui fuer den beruflichen Erfolg", "Befreiung von dunklen Maechten", "Befreit von Dunkelmaechten".